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Auto repairs can be a costly expense that can unexpectedly affect any individual. Auto service plans will help you avoid and prepare for these unexpected expenses by covering a variety of your vehicle’s components.

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National Automotive Services is an auto service contract provider that offers a variety of extended auto service contracts to customers across the country. These contracts give you the confidence you need to begin every journey knowing your vehicle will take you wherever you need to go. Our extended auto service contracts will pay for the repairs of your covered vehicle components as these are defined in your auto service contract. Our auto service plans give you the peace of mind that you desire and help you avoid costly auto repair costs.

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Learn More About Our Extended Auto Service Contract Company

New and potential customers can contact our auto service contract specialists online or by phone to learn more about our extended auto service plans. If you are interested in signing up for coverage for your vehicle with one of our service plans or you would simply like more information about our company, please feel free to contact us today.

Our extended service contract specialists can provide in depth information about our available auto service contracts including specifics regarding what components each plan covers as well as other important information that can help you select the best auto service plan for your needs. If you have been considering obtaining an extended auto service contract for your vehicle, contact us to learn more about our available auto service plans.

Our available extended auto service packages include our:

  • Diamond Package, which offers exclusionary coverage for all of the parts and components of the covered vehicle except for the specific parts and components that are specifically listed in the contract as ?not covered?.
  • Platinum Package, which offers our best named component coverage and provides coverage for engine, transmission, drive axle, air conditioning, electrical, brakes, steering, suspension, electronic hi-tech, cooling, fuel, audio, seals and gaskets, and wear and tear.
  • Deluxe Package, which offers downsized named component coverage including coverage for engine, transmission, drive axle, air conditioning, electrical, brakes, steering, suspension, and electronic hi-tech components.
  • PT Gold Package an affordable package, which offers powertrain plus expanded coverage including coverage for the engine, transmission, water pump, transfer unit 4x4, drive axle, air conditioning, electrical, fuel system, and seals and gaskets.

In addition to these main auto service plan packages, we also offer a variety of additional options and add ons to meet your needs. Our packages are available in a variety of term lengths to fit any budget. Learn more information about any of these plans by contacting our auto service contract specialists today.

For Our Current Auto Service Plan Customers

National Automotive Services is a representative for American Auto Shield, a trusted auto service contract company. Therefore, our customers with current auto service contracts can contact American Auto Shield at (800) 531-1925 to file a claim for any covered repair. If you need to make a claim for a covered repair under your existing service contract, please call to speak with a trained specialist today. American Auto Shield will handle your claim and help you receive compensation for any covered repairs in order to help you to get your car fixed and back out on the road as quickly as possible.

Our existing auto service plan customers can contact a specialist in order to:

  • Determine where to take their vehicle if it has a problem and is in need of repair
  • Learn how to file a claim for a covered repair
  • Learn how to obtain a rental car
  • Obtain details regarding what is covered under their service contract
  • Find information regarding how long it takes for the repair and claim process to be completed
  • Update personal information
  • Ask questions about current financing for extended service plans
  • Find information about canceling a service contract
  • Answer any additional questions or address concerns of our current customers

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